Connecting with the Expecting

Why: It has been heard for many years that pregnant women wish to meet and be in the company of other pregnant women. The hope of these gatherings is to form a safe place to be honest and true to self, and where flows, create a network for you to connect with other women during your pregnancy.

What: This gathering is to be an open and respectful space to communicate and be in the presence of other women walking a similar journey to you; all growing their babies, all transforming in their bodies, hearts, souls and minds. This gathering is a time to leave the world outside and come be with other pregnant women. You may participate as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

With: Beth will be your facilitator for these gatherings. She is an experienced women’s circle attendee for the last 20 years, and the last 10 years Beth has educated and facilitated large groups, individual couples and one-on-one sessions on all things encompassing the child birth journey. With information shared from both anecdotal experiences personally and professionally and evidence based research. Beth knows from experience that a space that is safe and non-judgemental can assist great transformation during pregnancy. Whist the group is facilitated, often the greatest gifts arise amongst the women themselves.

If you feel you are expecting and would like to connect with other women, please contact Beth via this contact form.

A call to all pregnant women who have a desire to

Gather and Connect with other pregnant women.